About 10:10

Big ideas don’t have to be complicated. The best ones can fit comfortably on a tshirt: E=mc2; love thy neighbour; beanz meanz heinz. That sort of thing.

Enter 10:10. We work together to bring our emissions down by 10% in 2010 (so right now, more or less). Whatever global treaties and miracle technologies come to pass, we can tackle the simple stuff right now. That means making our homes warmer and cheaper to run with insulation and efficient appliances. It means beating the traffic jams by cycling to work. It means getting into a good habit or two around the house. It means discovering the miracles on your own doorstep with a British holiday. It’s the low-hanging fruit, basically – just common sense.

Which is all very well; but multiply common sense by a few million, and amazing things start to happen. Governments start to sit up and take notice. Policies are made, big companies get on board – the whole thing snowballs. When you sign up to 10:10, you’re not a supporter. You’re a doer. You’re making it happen.

We think getting our carbon under control can be easy, affordable and – dare we say it – fun. Come and say hello at 1010uk.org to find out more.


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